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Beyond Beyond (Family For Life Records, Spector Bass, Steve Clayton) is a three-piece alternative rock band from the east-coast of the United States, composed of vocalist/guitarist Rob Jones, bassist/backing vocalist Ryland Parrish, and drummer Jason Thompson.

Defined by its members as "Honest Music," Beyond Beyond's music inspires you to feel, be it the groove and melodies of their songs or the impact of their relatable themes. The band's sound has grown into a fresh indie-inspired, alternative rock with dynamic and soulful vocal melodies backed by progressive, jazz-like bass work embedded with gritty, over-driven guitar tones, tethered to tasteful drum work with complementing fills.

Beyond Beyond is signed to Family For Life Records (Primer 55, Murder the Flesh, Killer in the Workplace). A side-by-side comparison of Beyond Beyond to it's fellow label artists reveals a extremely noticeable difference in sound, as the label was started for Metal, Punk, and Rap acts. This fact alone attests to Beyond Beyond's stage presence and overall likability, as not many love-song driven indie-rock bands catch Metal/Punk/Rap label owners' attention, much more, inspires them to expand their label's sound.

Aside from touring nationally, performing nearly 300 shows in two years, and being endorsed by five major gear companies, Beyond Beyond has shared the stage with larger national acts such as Saving Abel, Hoobastank, Molly Hatchet, Orgy, Psychostick, Primer 55, and more.

Rob Jones

Vocals, Guitar

Known for catchy rhythms on the guitar and dynamic vocal melodies, Rob has always been in love with music, from growing up in a household that appreciated good music, to installing car stereos, then all the way to being an on air DJ and playing and singing every weekend, music has always been around. Rob also has been investing time into his solo endeavors.

Rob is endorsed by Steve Clayton, Inc. and prefers Standard Shape, 0.60mm Duraplex Picks.

Ryland Parrish

Bassist, Backing Vocals

Endorsed by Spector Bass and Steve Clayton, Inc. (with pending endorsements by BassLab, Bartolini Pickups, and XVIVE Audio). Ryland is already an accomplished bassist after playing for only three years. His journey into learning the electric bass guitar led him to realize a hidden passion for jazz and progressive music, as Ryland is known for innovative and progressive playing. Ryland is also a central part in arrangements for the band and has also began a journey into becoming a singer/songwriter.

Jason Thompson


Jason's love for music stems from his good fortune in being around musicians and music lovers from a young age. After he was given a guitar at eleven years old, his journey as a musician began. Jason is a natural drummer, something he didn't discover until being hired into the band as guitarist and cajon percussionist. Jason first became acquainted with founding band members Rob and Ryland through his career with the WVDOH, always seeing the band traveling through I-77 to performances.

Clinton Scott


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