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It Went Just Fine

A Recap of the 2015 Far From Fine Tour

The Far From Fine Tour kicked off April 19 at Muncheez in Beckley, WV with Beyond Beyond sharing the stage with friends Almost Kings and Saving Abel. Picking up solo artist/friend Jonah Carden and road member/friend J.B. Mullins (both offering support for the self-planned/funded/managed/booked tour), the crew proceeded to Bristol, Tennessee's Machiavellis.

They then made their way in a rented Enterprise cargo van on to Byer's Street Bistro in Staunton, VA and for the rest of the tour. Two hardcore fans and friends of Beyond Beyond ventured the 3.5 hours from Beckley, WV to the concert in Staunton to support the guys and also reserved them a hotel room. Beyond Beyond and crew would like to take a moment and once again thank William and Linda Skeens for their undying and much needed support!

We won't talk about the after party, but the cargo van was pretty sweet; it had two seats in the front and that pretty much sums it up! The back of the van was unfinished, it had no insulation or amenities since it was a cargo van. The seating issue was solved with a love seat and two bean bag chairs.

I think everyone in the crew would mention that sitting in the back was an odd mixture of great comfort and being scared for your life at least 33% of the 3,000 miles. The fear was the sum of the risk of ceiling-high piled gear directly behind the love seat (held in place only by some yellow and thin nylon rope) and the fact that no one in the back could see any of the road while the van was moving along, yet being able to feel every bump of the road, acceleration, brake and quick merge.

After the first three locations, the band chartered new territory, venturing into the State of North Carolina for the first time to play at Lucky's Burger-N-Tap (another shout-out goes to Looch for helping the tour with a Sunday date including pay, a hotel room, and of course the awesome food!).

The crew arrived down-to-the-wire, hopped out of the van, plugged up to the store's amps on their (huge and awesome stage) and rocked. It was then that the guy's came to appreciate that edgy-tightness one gets after playing five shows in a row, as this may have been their best overall performance at the time.

This concert was billed as a Spector Bass Showcase, as Ryland is endorsed by the internationally renowned bass brand. Beyond Beyond would like to thank Nick Smith, store manager of Sam Ash in Orlando, for helping the band arrange the concert, promote it, and hooking the guys up with some gear!

The crew posted up in Daytona Beach, at a hotel on the beach, for two nights and two days. This was drummer Jason's first time ever seeing the ocean and during their stay all the guys made sure to soak up the sights (this means there was shenanigans that are going to be redacted from this article). Their first night, the band recorded a beach video of their song "Clarity."

On Wednesday the band made their way to St. Augustine, Florida to play at Shanghai Nobby's. (We are going to keep this post the band would like to say that the patrons were awesome, supportive, and a fun+energizing crowd! Thanks for reminding us why we do this!)

The crew arrived in Sanford, Florida early the next day and waited for the concert. Unfortunately the concert did not happen, due to two of the three local acts not showing up/giving notice. Part of the booking agreement was to have at least two local acts open the concert so the crew made their way on to the longest stretch of the trip, traveling from Sanford, Florida to Ocean Springs, Mississippi (eight hours if drove straight, without stops).

This was Rob and Ryland's second time in Ocean Springs, previously visiting in December 2013 to record with producer Derek Pardoe. Now, it's worth prefacing this with the fact that bar venues in Mississippi do NOT close at a predetermined time. That being said, the concert did not being until around 2:00 or 3:00 am and wasn't wrapped up until around 6:00 am. Needless to say, and as you could probably guess, this was the most insane and fun stop on the Far From Fine Tour. Of course, not everything can be said, but one of the highlights of the night was a saxophonist from the crowd getting on stage and rocking out with Beyond Beyond and Jonah Carden! Rob found a new friend and Ryland tried making one with a raccoon who he coaxed with "Here kitty kitty..." #widlifeandbooze The band hit the road at 7:30am... Big thanks to Derek Pardoe, Guido, and everyone else at The Juke Joint for a blast!